Accurate Account Services
business tax returns

IRS Forms 1120/1120S/1065

If I did not do your accounting work, you must provide at a minimum:

A copy of the prior year tax return (not necessary if I did the prior year).

If this is your first year filing a business return, I will need information about the company:  Tax ID Number, Shareholder/Stockholder information (names, addresses, percentage of ownership) or a copy of the partnership/stockholder agreement.  If you are an S-Corporation, I will need a copy of the CP261 Confirmation that IRS has accepted your Election. 

Tax year Profit & Loss (see below if you don't have this).

Tax year Balance Sheet (see below if you don't have this).

Details of asset purchases/sales (dates, amounts, descriptions).

Depreciation Schedules from prior year tax return.

Payroll: Copies of 940/941/W-2's filed.

Copies of 1099's filed.

Revenue: Copies of WA Dept of Revenue returns filed for the year.

1099-K Form/s for credit card processing.

1099-INT for interest earned on business bank accounts.

If you do not have a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for your business operations, this will be an engagement for accounting and taxes.

I will need to evaluate if I have time for this, because you will need to bring everything.  Every bank, credit card and loan statement, receipts for all purchases, details of income like invoices to customers, copies of checks written if your bank statement doesn't include them.  In addition, we will have a meeting where you need to tell me details about these transactions, so they can be categorized correctly.